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Justa.Messaging is a collection of Enterprise Messaging patterns.

Content Based Router

The Content-Based Router examines the message content and routes the message onto a different channel based on data contained in the message. The routing can be based on a number of criteria such as existence of fields, specific field values etc. When implementing a Content-Based Router, special caution should be taken to make the routing function easy to maintain as the router can become a point of frequent maintenance. In more sophisticated integration scenarios, the Content-Based Router can take on the form of a configurable rules engine that computes the destination channel based on a set of configurable rules. Content Based Router

Dynamic Router

comming soon Justa.Messaging.DynamicRouter

Recipient List Router

comming soon Justa.Messaging.RecipientListRouter


comming soon Justa.Messaging.Splitter


comming soon Justa.Messaging.Joiner


comming soon Justa.Messaging.Aggregator

Process Manager

comming soon Justa.Messaging.ProcessManager

Message Gateway

comming soon Justa.Messaging.MessageGateway

Command Message

Command Message follows the Command Message pattern as decribed in the Enterprise Integration Patterns book.
More documentation comming soon Justa.Messaging.CommandMessage

Message Filter

comming soon Justa.Messaging.Filter

Message Resequencer

comming soon Justa.Messaging.Resequencer

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gousheh1 Oct 21, 2007 at 8:12 PM 
I have visited this site a number of times. The Department of Water Resources/State of California has selected the .net and SQL server as part of its standards for implementing SOA. I have been looking for tools to help us implement. As I was testing different tools I came across ADO.NET and the new tools that generate the model for creating classes.
My questions are:
Are the tools you are working on useful in an organization like ours (SOAP a must)?
Am I looking in the wrong place if SOAP is a must?
Would I be able to use these tools if my database is Oracle?
As you can guess I am from a client server/ERP environment and moving towards the newer technology of SOA. The plan is for a multi tiered architecture. Any help in direction of tools to help ease some of the research without the involvement of a sales person is extremely appreciated.
Thank you.